July 17th @ 5pm ET

Welcome to Ethernity’s curated marketplace of NFTs and real-world experiences exclusively for Stones Farmers. Select Ethernity Chain drops, from Welcome to the Internet to Tony Hawk to the United States Space Force are represented with scarce NFTs exclusively for our Stones holders.

Detailed below are the different types of transactions Stones Farmers can participate in on the Ethernity Chain Stones Supply event. Moving forward, specific community-only / Stones-only aNFTs will be included in the collection for farming events.

Some of the remaining aNFTs are dedicated to Ethernity Packs, which will be coming soon.

Very Important…

Ethernity Chain Sponsors Binance’s 4th Anniversary “Build to the Moon” Concert

Ethernity Chain will be joining the crypto community in celebrating Binance’s 4th Anniversary by Sponsoring the “Build to the Moon” Concert event on July 14, 2021 from 1PM — 4PM (UTC).

The event will feature Musical Performances from Disclosure, NIKI and BLOND:ISH, a Warmup DJ Set with lil bubble and an AMA with Binance Founder & CEO, CZ.

Nick Rose CEO of Ethernity Chain : “Binance has been a leader in the crypto space since they first joined the community in 2017. As an appreciation for all the support…

Welcome to CONMEBOL’s official Copa America edition commemorating its 2021 tournament’s premiere final between Brazil and Argentina. It’s the 47th tournament, first hosted in 1916. The governing South American soccer body is putting on the tournament and teaming up with Ethernity to put its winning Copa America trophy on the blockchain as an exclusive aNFT.

The Copa America drop is in exclusive collaboration with ISL Agency: the official mediator between Ethernity Chain and soccer players/institutions.

Two of South America’s storied teams are once again head-to-head, the third time in Copa America history, with its legendary stars Lionel Messi and Neymar…

Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima

Honoring the 4th of July

by Associated Press/Joe Rosenthal

Drop Time: July 4th @ 12pm ET / 72 Hours

Ethernity is bringing history to life and commemorating moments in time on the blockchain in collaboration with the Associated Press while honoring America’s July 4th founding.

To mark the 175th anniversary of the Associated Press, renowned digital artist Marko Stanojevic has breathed digital life into “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima”, AP war photographer Joe Rosenthal’s masterpiece. The extraordinary new 1:1 NFT artwork is entitled “RAISING THE FLAG ON IWO JIMA: AP ARTiFACT 1”.

There is rarity and then there is the incomparable and prized Iwo Jima. This extraordinary, 1:1 work of art is authenticated by the AP on the…

Drops 4-10

As announced in our May 6th Medium post the buyback program — consisting in buying and locking 75% of all ERN profits into a contract vault for 2 years — is now completed from Drops 1 – 10

We deployed a locking contract on Ethereum mainnet that will store and lock ERN for 2 years from the lock-in time. The contract is verified so the source code is publicly available. The lock() and withdraw() functions are quite simple: only the owner of the contract can lock, and only the owner can withdraw after 2 years (or exactly 63,072,000 seconds*).


Ethernity Chain and Impossible Brief are thrilled to be engaging the poker world by releasing an officially licensed aNFT collection commemorating Phil Ivey’s many career achievements. While poker has long been integrated into digital settings online, it has yet to make a splash in the emerging crypto-digital future that the Ethernity Chain community is defining. With Phil Ivey being the icon that he is, we hope that poker will lead by Phil’s example by choosing to embrace the future of collectibles.

Impossible Brief is a creative duo of James Zwadlo and Chris Levett from the UK with a mission of…

by Boss Logic x Visual Lab

June 19th @ 5pm ET

“The Spider”, legendary fighter, the greatest mixed martial artist of all time: Anderson Silva. Silva has returned to the ring to fight a legendary match for the ages and to commemorate this moment we are launching the official authenticated NFT featuring the historic pugilist — our first mixed martial arts fighter to add to Ethernity Chain’s own legendary lineup. We have once again partnered with legendary artist Bosslogic and the Visual Lab to create these unique offerings for the Ethernity Chain and larger crypto Community.

We’ve portrayed Anderson in a way that most opponents saw him, in his purest element…

Wednesday, June 16th @ 5pm ET

[by Worldwide XR, in collaboration with CMG Worldwide]

Welcome to Ethernity Chain Drop #9: The Official, Licensed aNFT experience with The United States Space Force (USSF) and the Neil Armstrong estate, in partnership with CMG and WorldwideXR, commemorating the launch of a GPS III satellite.

On Thursday June 17, 2021 the United States Space Force (USSF) will launch the fifth vehicle of its GPS III constellation of satellites, providing accurate global positioning and navigation systems to military and civilian users. To commemorate the launch, the USSF wanted to honor one of the pioneers in…

Ethernity Chain Stones Supply Update


  • Stones Supply Farming Event pushed to June 5th at 5PM ET to give users more time to migrate their farmed stones.
  • Stones for Failed Bosslogic transactions Completed

Stones Supply Farming Event Postponed to June 5th at 5 PM ET

Why did we push the Farming Event back one day to June 5th?


We have received many many emails and messages from people asking for more time to Migrate to the new farming contract and we want to give these users one last chance to migrate. We do not want anyone who has been farming this long to miss out on this event on a technicality…

Since the launch of our platform, our amazing community has been farming STONES. Now it is time for us to begin the journey for the Stone Farmers with our first ever aNFT farming event that will be held on June 5th, 2021. 5pm EST 💎. (Time adjusted from the original time to reflect the grace period before event) We will be hosting Stone Supply Events Monthly.

We have put together a curated marketplace of NFTs and real-world experiences exclusively for Stones Farmers. Every Ethernity Chain drop, from Bosslogic to Muhammad Ali and the Winklevoss Twins is represented in this collection…

Ethernity Chain

Ethernity Chain is a community-oriented platform that produces limited edition authenticated NFTs by your favorite artists and endorsed by those who you admire.

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