April 26th Community Update

Ethernity Chain
3 min readApr 26, 2024

Last week was wild…

While some of you were celebrating Bitcoin halving day last Friday, members of our team were frantically trying to avoid being trapped by the flooding in Dubai.

Let me explain…Ethernity was invited as the title guest for Morningstar Ventures’ event at 37x and was the platinum sponsor at Binance’s Clubhouse in Dubai during the TOKEN2049 week.

You might’ve heard a thing or two about Dubai being flooded and stranding thousands of visitors, including some who were stuck in their Ferraris — quick, somebody go and grab the world’s smallest violin to show we empathize with their unexpected tragedy…

But seriously folks, it was wild in Dubai and everyone’s survival instinct kicked in to high gear. And like thousands of other visitors, we too were caught up in the storm.

And just like the Avengers when trouble arises, our team assembled and united as one to do what we came there to do: strengthen strategic partnerships, increase awareness and make new deals to grow our ecosystem.

Meanwhile, the Fanable and Arcbound teams were back at headquarters holding down the fort and continuing to develop their respective ecosystems. After all, the show must go on, and we stop at nothing to ensure that our standards are being met — even if it causes some unexpected delays.

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding through the thick and thin of this wild blockchain journey we’re all in.

In the meantime, enjoy this team photo we somehow managed to take while weathering the storm in Dubai. Avengers Assemble! from left to right are: Adrian (aka Thor), Addie (Black Widow), Marcelo (Hawkeye), Nick (Iron Man), Evangelos (Captain America), Talitha (Captain Marvel) and James (Incredible Hulk).

Additional Highlights:

We led a panel at 37x Gallery — a crypto hub led by our investors at Morningstar Ventures that hosted top events all week with Solana, Gunzilla, Hashed, and more…

We partnered with Binance on the Binance Clubhouse hosting daily activations and networking, as well as leading a panel featuring all things Ethernity.

We attended Token2049 and met with partners, investors, collaborators, community members, and industry leaders across the board. 10,000 people attended the huge two day conference.

We connected with longtime industry partners like Ran from Crypto Banter, a big supporter of Ethernity since day 1.

Events were nonstop and our team pulled 18 hour days connecting well after the conference nightly.

Enjoy your weekend ya’ll!



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