Ethernity and Ethernal Labs Community Update | July 2022

Ethernity 2.0 Roadmap

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  • An innovative locking mechanism allows users to mint their digital collectible on the Ethernity marketplace freely.
  • A redemption feature where users can redeem digital collectibles, physicals, tickets and utility.
  • Peer-to-peer trading, where users can trade with each other directly.
  • A burning mechanism which will allow users to burn their digital collectible in return for various prizes.
  • Social features to enable users to interact with each other in-app and share their collections on the social feed.


  • We’re in the development of exclusive NFT and licensing partnerships with Algorand and Ripple bringing in entirely new protocol-based communities and liquidity. These breakthrough models enable Ethernal Labs to harness its power as a true 360 platform and solution partner to major protocol initiatives in the NFT and Web3 space.
  • Strategic partnership with Range — a newly launched leading Web3 agency founded by longtime former CAA agents and executives to bridge the entertainment and studio system into all things NFTs, metaverse, and more.

Token Listings

Stones Farming

  • Increased attractiveness to new users in the Ethernity ecosystem.
  • The upgraded formula will lead to the development of new mechanisms to lower gas prices.
  • It will also lead to the release of NFT staking, where users can stake their Ethernity NFTs in return for rewards.

The Exorians Universe


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Ethernity Chain is a community-oriented platform that produces limited edition authenticated NFTs by your favorite artists and endorsed by those who you admire.