Ethernity and Ethernal Labs Community Update | July 2022

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5 min readJul 29, 2022

As the builders market continues to settle in, we would like to address how Ethernity and Ethernal Labs are using this time to build new products, expand our ecosystem, and forge more partnerships with world-class brands and globally recognized figures.

The Ethernity and Ethernal Labs team has continued to work non-stop throughout July to expand the Ethernal Labs and Ethernity ecosystem further through innovative product development, strategizing new ways to implement utility and creating world-class collections. The following list of developments showcases a few of the steps forward we have taken this month:

Ethernity 2.0 Roadmap

The Ethernity 2.0 roadmap showcases our ambition to take the Ethernity ecosystem to new heights. The entire Ethernity and Ethernal Labs team is committed to achieving each of the steps outlined and more. However, due to changes to the market and other priorities, some of these steps have not been able to be completed on time. Due to this, we decided to bring the roadmap back internally to extensively review it to ensure that our vision stays intact and that we push our ecosystem further in the most beneficial way. Throughout the remainder of 2022 and beyond, we will continue to build and work on each of the steps, and we will announce each milestone we reach.

Our internal roadmap has been updated with more innovative features not present on the Ethernity 2.0 roadmap, which we will announce closer to launch.

Mobile App

The release of our innovative mobile app is nearing every day. Over the past month, we have finalized the app’s new design and implemented various features for users to interact with the world’s biggest brands on their mobiles.

Some of the new features we have added include:

  • An innovative locking mechanism allows users to mint their digital collectible on the Ethernity marketplace freely.
  • A redemption feature where users can redeem digital collectibles, physicals, tickets and utility.
  • Peer-to-peer trading, where users can trade with each other directly.
  • A burning mechanism which will allow users to burn their digital collectible in return for various prizes.
  • Social features to enable users to interact with each other in-app and share their collections on the social feed.

In March, we announced that we would be delaying the release of the app to ensure that we create an application that takes the Ethernity ecosystem to the next level by expanding Ethernity’s brand recognition and user base globally to become the world’s largest marketplace for licensed digital collectibles. We believe that we have achieved this ambitious goal, and we are excited to share these updates with you shortly.


Throughout July and in earlier months, we have spoken to many of the world’s biggest studios and globally recognized brands to bring their IP into Web3.

We have had many developments, here is a spotlight of some of our upcoming partnerships:

  • We’re in the development of exclusive NFT and licensing partnerships with Algorand and Ripple bringing in entirely new protocol-based communities and liquidity. These breakthrough models enable Ethernal Labs to harness its power as a true 360 platform and solution partner to major protocol initiatives in the NFT and Web3 space.
  • Strategic partnership with Range — a newly launched leading Web3 agency founded by longtime former CAA agents and executives to bridge the entertainment and studio system into all things NFTs, metaverse, and more.

Token Listings

We are constantly talking with exchanges to increase ERNs availability globally. In June, ERN got listed on Gemini to increase ERNs availability in new markets and across new communities.

Throughout the past couple of months, we have partnered with different exchanges for marketing campaigns, including Coinbase with their Learn and Earn campaign in their app and Binance, where we are currently taking part in their Referal Lite campaign.

Stones Farming

In June, we held our 5th Stones Event, where our fantastic community could claim exclusive NFTs, real-world adventures and Ethernity merch. During the event, we released our new product, MoonStones, which Stone Farmers could purchase to redeem single or multiple rare Ethernity NFTs.

Since the event concluded, our Dev team has been working on upgrading the Stones formula to ensure that it is attractive to anyone who joins at any point in time. Once the new Stones formula has been developed, we will be able to launch many more Defi applications on the Ethernity site, including NFT staking.

Some of the benefits of the Stone formula upgrade include:

  • Increased attractiveness to new users in the Ethernity ecosystem.
  • The upgraded formula will lead to the development of new mechanisms to lower gas prices.
  • It will also lead to the release of NFT staking, where users can stake their Ethernity NFTs in return for rewards.

The Exorians Universe

Earlier this month, we announced that the Exorians Universe release had been pushed back due to market volatility. During this time, we have been expanding the scope of the Exorians project by adding more traits to the avatars, evolving the lore behind the Exorians Universe, adding extra utility and benefits to future Exorians holders, and forging partnerships with top-tier collections.

We understand that, especially at this time, it is vital to have a long-term plan to ensure loyalty and commitment to the Exorians franchise. So, we’ve been tirelessly working on some exciting benefits for holders of Exorian avatars, in addition to setting in motion plans for backfilling utility with other NFT communities, IRL brands and in-person events.

We will announce these updates on the Exorians social media channels (Twitter | Instagram) and Discord. Make sure you follow these channels to keep up with the latest news.


Our buildouts in multiple metaverses have now been completed. We will shortly be launching these interactive community spaces where you can interact with the Ethernity community, the Ethernity team, and future activations.

These Ethernity HQs are an imperative addition to the Ethernity ecosystem and will allow us to activate NFT and metaverse collections in more creative and engaging ways.

About Ethernity

Ethernity is the groundbreaking authenticated NFT project which offers authenticated and fully licensed artwork featuring the top artists and stars from sports, music, film, gaming, tech, history, and entertainment. Each digital artwork is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT).

About Ethernal Labs

Ethernal Labs is a first-of-its-kind incubator and technology studio leveraging the interactivity and utility of web3 technologies and is creating an entirely new ecosystem of decentralized apps to bring the world’s largest brands, artists, and individuals to the blockchain. Through these applications, Ethernal Labs will act as a studio-like gateway in bringing notable figures and brands into the NFT and metaverse ecosystem. Ethernal Lab’s partners will be able to utilize two verified marketplaces for digital assets, including Ethernity, the world’s first authenticated NFT platform, exclusive real-world and virtual experiences, augmented reality offerings, avatar creation, metaverse integration, and P2E gaming.

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