Ethernity and Polygon: Bringing Layer 2 Cross-Chain Functionality to Ethernity Chain.

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3 min readMay 13, 2021

Sustainable NFTs Meet Authenticated NFTs

Announcing a powerful new partnership between Ethernity Chain, the king of the NFT marketplaces, and Polygon, the protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

Ethernity Chain wants to the remove the current gas fee barrier for the ERN community in all transactions, including swapping, staking or yield/compound farming.

You can now purchase ERN using MATIC on Quickswap.



The beauty of Polygon lies in their Layer 2 solution, which runs parallel to Ethereum, and bridges with it, so transactions or data including NFTs can be transferred back and forwards in a moment. Polygon’s solution is much more energy-efficient, which is a major advantage for minting NFTs and transactions are faster and cheaper than those of Ethereum.

This is possible because Polygon deploys Smart Contracts that use a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, rather than Ethereum’s current Proof-of-Work mechanism. As many of us know, ETH network can be luggish, far more expensive in terms of gas fees, and generally much less green. Cross-chain solutions provide more utility for our ERN token through expanded liquidity options and for ERN token holders, which is fundamental to the growth of our project.

Polygon has recently undergone a complete rebranding exercise from Matic, as it was formerly known, to offer developers the ability to create their own projects for the Ethereum network, which are scalable and supported by a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

Ethernity is extremely well known in the NFT space, most recently for minting private collections for the Muhammed Ali Foundation, for Pelé, and for Tony Hawk.

Ethernity Chain powers many remarkable NFT drops, which are created by popular artists and endorsed by notable figures. One major landmark for the NFT community was the first licensed Pelé NFT artwork produced by Visual Lab and powered by Ethernity Chain. It marked legendary moments from Pelé’s illustrious football career. It saw collectible limited edition trading cards showing nostalgic moments from Pelé’s career, set in the modern-day background of Brazil.

Iconic skater Tony Hawk also had his own unique NFT, also powered by the Ethernity Chain platform, which celebrated Tony Hawk’s last ever “540” skate trick, and the trick was captured forever as an authenticated NFT (aNFT). The winning bidder also got the actual skateboard and shoes used in his final trick.

The “Muhammad Ali Collection” was launched in early May and was powered by the Ethernity Chain. It featured work by Raf Grassetti, a multi-award-winning artist and sculptor that moved into the crypto art world to launch the “Muhammad Ali Collection”. A share of proceeds went directly to the Muhammed Ali Center, a non-profit museum and cultural center in Kentucky, USA.

This is perhaps where Ethernity stands out the most, their charitable contributions where a majority of proceeds from every collection go directly to good causes.

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