Ethernity Chain Completes Strategic Investment Round with Leading Blockchain VCs

Ethernity Chain
3 min readFeb 18, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Ethernity has completed its strategic investment round, planting the seeds for the NFT ecosystem we’re building.

Our backers in this round are all visionaries of the space, with investment portfolios that demonstrate a long-term commitment to projects that form the backbone of the defi and NFT markets. We’re grateful to Black Edge Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Woodstock, and Genesis Block Ventures for their support and we’re excited to have them with us on this journey.

Closing this strategic investment round means that we can now turn our focus to the ERN public sale and token launch. We’ll be announcing more news on our public sale date and public sale structure in the coming days via our public channels so stay tuned.

A Small Step for NFTs, a Giant Leap for Ethernity

In case you haven’t noticed, NFTs are taking over. The entire world seems to be FOMO-ing into crypto’s next killer use case, with digital art sales rocketing and even traditional auction houses like Christie’s clamoring to get in on the action. Our timing, then, is impeccable, even if it’s due to serendipity rather than design: we’ve been working on Ethernity Chain for a long time, and it just so happens that it’s coming to fruition just as NFTs are going mainstream.

We can’t wait to share forthcoming developments with our growing community, and there’s a lot in the pipeline to disclose. In addition to finalizing our public sale, we’ll be announcing new NFT art collections, created by leading artists, sprinkled with celeb stardust, and all purchasable and tradable onchain with a portion of all proceeds going to charity. What’s not to love?

The blockchain VCs and private investors who’ve supported our strategic round will make this all possible, but ultimately it’s the community who will make Ethernity a game-changer for art ownership, digital scarcity, philanthropy, and crypto collectibles.

Before we sign off, here’s what you should know about Ethernity’s backers..

Black Edge Capital

Founded in 2017, Black Edge Capital is one of the leading investment funds in the space, specializing in blockchain infrastructure, defi darlings and NFT projects. Their investment portfolio includes Synthetix, Reserve Rights, Tomochain, Injective Protocol, Public Mint, Kira, and SuperFarm, from a total of over 50 investments.

Morningstar Ventures

Morningstar Ventures is a digital assets investment arm backing disruptive ideas and founders across the crypto ecosystem. Some of their most recent investments include Polkastarter, Exeedme, Polkamarkets, Chainguardians, and Public Mint.

Spark Digital Capital

Spark Digital Capital is an innovative VC with strong connections to the Chinese market. Spark’s investment portfolio includes The Graph, Elrond, Stafi, Frontier, 1inch and SuperFarm, to name just a few.


Founded in 2019, Woodstock has made a name in the space via investments in leading blockchain infrastructure projects and has strong connections in the NFT space. The Woodstock investment portfolio includes Elrond, Band Protocol, Covalent, Stafi, Frontier, Terra Virtual and SuperFarm.

Genesis Block Ventures

Genesis Block Ventures’ most recent acquisition, OMG, demonstrates their commitment to supporting blockchain infrastructure and the overall crypto ecosystem. Their investment portfolio also includes Serum, Alpha Finance, MahaDAO, Linear Finance, and SuperFarm.

About Ethernity Chain

Founded by long-standing cryptocurrency investor Nick Rose Ntertsas, Ethernity is dedicated to exploring digital art through non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the opportunity they provide for philanthropy and social good. Through working closely with leading figures from the blockchain, music, and entertainment worlds, Ethernity aims to mainstream NFT-based digital art while supporting charitable causes that will help those in need.

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