Ethernity Chain: Fernando Tatis Jr. Update

The Fernando Tatis Jr. NFT Drop picks up Tuesday April 27th at 12PM EST

Due to overwhelming demand, Ethernity Chain developers experienced technical issues. We have paused the auction and will resume Tuesday April 27, 2021.

Drop Details:

Open Editions: Exit Velocity, Lift-off, and Bat Flip: on sale for 24 hours

Rare Edition “El Niño” Silent Auction: bidding open for 24 hours

The ‘Pride of a Nation’ 1/1 Open Auction: min. bid $50,000 open for 4 hours

This 1 of 1’ embodies all elements of the drop. The ‘El Niño’ bat and all three open edition cards make an appearance here. This artwork is also an ode to the roots of Tatis Jr., with a quote personal to him and a landmark from the city that he grew up in.

● “Pride of a Nation” — 1 of 1 comes with an IO screen with Infinite Objects.

● 4 hour auction starting at 12 pm ET Tuesday, April 27th

● $50,000 Starting Bid

● Each bid has to be 10% higher than the last one

● Winning bid must stand for 15 minutes unopposed

The winner also gets a signed bat, signed jersey, signed ball, signed batting gloves, four tickets to a Padres home game, and a live congratulatory message via zoom from Tatis Jr. Comes with an IO screen with Infinite Objects.

To participate in the Fernando Tatis Jr. aNFT

Important details for participating in today’s Tatis Drop:

1. Users must hold at least 10 ERN in their wallet to perform actions such as bidding & buying.

2. Users must pay in wETH.

3. Users without Ethereum can purchase up to $500 worth of ETH on a CC directly from the site.

*Forthcoming drops will incorporate @chainlink’s price feed oracle and enable purchases with ERN directly.

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