Ethernity Chain Partners with Banq to integrate Credit Card Payments

As part of our expanding product offerings to our community, we are pleased to announce we have partnered with, and successfully integrated credit card processing platform BANQ onto our Ethernity Chain marketplace.

We are especially excited to bring this credit card payment onramp to our community for three main reasons:

  • Increased accessibility to our marketplace for non-crypto users.
  • Multiple options to purchase NFTs for all users
  • Transparent, simple and easy to use.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All credit purchases will automatically be converted to $ERN in the background.

When you purchase an NFT with BANQ, it is purchased with ERN.

Steps to buy with CC:

  1. Click “Buy with Credit Card”
  2. Sign up for when prompted
  3. You will only need to sign up for once.
  4. Get verification code.
  5. Enter verification code.
  6. It will say “Purchase Pending”
  7. Once confirmed you will now own the NFT

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