Ethernity Chain

Jun 4, 2021

2 min read

Ethernity Chain Stones Supply Update


  • Stones Supply Farming Event pushed to June 5th at 5PM ET to give users more time to migrate their farmed stones.
  • Stones for Failed Bosslogic transactions Completed

Stones Supply Farming Event Postponed to June 5th at 5 PM ET


We have received many many emails and messages from people asking for more time to Migrate to the new farming contract and we want to give these users one last chance to migrate. We do not want anyone who has been farming this long to miss out on this event on a technicality. So we will be giving ONE LAST grace period of 31 hours from the moment this is posted (June 5th at 5PM ET) for users to migrate their stones to the new farming contract.

Are you having trouble migrating your stones?

This instructional video on YouTube will help:

If you are still having trouble please join our Telegram Group:

Stones for Failed Bosslogic transactions Completed

Why are we having a Stones Airdrop to BossLogic Failed Transactions?

For those who are unfamiliar, please refer to this previous medium post here:


798 unique wallets were extracted from the 3,250 transactions collected in Google Forms (duplicate wallets and transactions were eliminated)

  • Transactions that were not interacting with OpenSea were ignored.
  • 1M stones given to these 798 wallets who completed the Bosslogic form. We have airdropped almost 800M stones total.
  • For those who haven’t migrated their stones yet, they can do so and the migration shouldn’t overwrite the 1M stones already given in the new contract. But of course, for any issues, tell them to ping us
  • Transaction fees were cheap — average $3 per wallet
  • Giveaway is now done.
  • If you received airdropped stones the Stones will appear in your Migrated contract.
  • Simply go to your user profile and you will see it there.

If you do not migrate your stones you cannot utilize the airdropped Bosslogic Stones

Please migrate your stones !!