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7 min readJan 31, 2023

At the outset of 2023, the Ethernity team enjoys stability and steady growth throughout the extended “Builder’s Market,” as we work in tandem with Ethernal Labs, powering their fast-growing gaming division. Ethernity’s proven track record in the digital collectibles market provides a solid tech foundation and expansive creative potential to supercharge this coming year’s offerings.

The behind the scenes progress we have made throughout the second half of 2022 has put us in an ideal position to launch some of the most exciting offerings ever seen from Ethernity in 2023:

Ethernal Labs Gaming Division

A screenshot from an early alpha demo of the upcoming Exorians Universe video game

Under the auspices of our strategic advisors, the brilliant minds in the Ethernal Labs gaming division have been developing, creating, and testing what will be Ethernal Labs initial foray into the gaming space with the highly ambitious and highly anticipated Exorians Universe video game. We are getting the first glimpse of the world-building of the Exorians Universe through early demos of this work-in-progress. The dystopian spacecrafts, lush landscapes, chromatically saturated atmosphere, and exciting game play of this AAA-rated game are beginning to take shape before our eyes.

Ethernity’s Web3 capabilities will bring levels of rich complexity to the environment, characters, available quests, objects, tools and weapons, and overall structure of the game. Will players be able to ride through the universe at the speed of light as Lionel Messi, battle on an alien planet with Bruce Lee’s nunchucks, or negotiate for resources with the seductive supercharge of Marilyn Monroe? None of these specific features are guaranteed, but the possibilities are tantalizing. Expect to see the most innovative application of Ethernity collections in the Battle Royale section of the upcoming game.

A screenshot from an early alpha demo of the upcoming Exorians Universe video game

While collectors of all Ethernity offerings will enjoy special privileges within the Exorians game, the holders of Ethernity’s native token ERN will also receive specific benefits. ERN will power the game’s native economy: details on the exact mechanics will be revealed at a later stage. This major innovation in the video game industry has yet to be executed on a AAA video game of this scale and complexity, and it will be exciting to see how Exorians Universe players will use it to create value and shape the game’s future.

Exorians Universe Comic Series

Acclaimed comic writers Scott Snyder and Frank Tieri

While the debut of the fully realized game may still be a year or more over the horizon, the complex story and world building is unfurling under the deft hands of story smiths Scott Snyder and Frank Tieri, which will be widely available this summer in a digital and physical comic series titled the Exorians.

Snyder’s renowned writing for DC Comic’s New 52 Era Batman and subsequent critically acclaimed projects for both DC and Image Comics makes him a natural choice to co-pilot the narrative and character development of the dystopian cyberpunk Exorians Universe, which is taking form into a complex mix of gritty drama and colorful excitement. Scott Snyder is a writer that is celebrated by both fans and critics alike, his long list of awards include an Eisner Awards for DC’s the Wake, an additional Eisner Award and Harvey Award for the Stephen King collaboration American Vampire, and an Eagle Award for best writer.

Tieri has also penned stories for DC comics but has gathered the most accolades for Marvel Universe works, with Wolverine, Iron Man, and Deadpool as notable titles in his impressive list of publications. Tieri’s story talents range from adventure, horror, humor, and are not simply cross-genre- they also cross-over from the world of comics to the world of video games. Tieri’s creation of the overall story arcs in previous and upcoming Marvel vs Capcom video games underscores further how his collaboration with Snyder is well suited to build out the Exorians Universe with dexterity, versatility and unexpected modes of mapping out arcs, twists, and themes to be found in this next generation space opera.

Selections from the portfolios of Exorians Universe artist team: Ryan Ottley, Dan Panosian, and Ryan Smallman

At the helm of the visuals and graphics to make this story come to life is a dream team of elite comic artists who will propel the Exorians Universe illustrations to visionary heights and mind-bending depths. The first member of the team is Ryan Ottley, the artist heralded for the coming-of-age masterwork Invincible from Image Comics, Marvel’s 2018 re-launch of the Amazing Spiderman, and Marvel’s 2021 re-launch of Hulk. Ottley is well known for sharp and visceral ease with action, form, and movement, which will ensure the Exorians Universe comics abound with excitement and adventure.

Dan Panosian, the best-selling artist behind innumerable Marvel and Image Comics titles that include Daredevil, the Marvels, Iron Man, X-Men, and Thor, will also contribute his expert draftsmanship to the project with his particular genius for texture and ease with visual styles that can appear paradoxically both timeless and contemporary.

Also a part of the team is Ryan Smallman, an artist whose client base has included Marvel, Fortnite, StarWars, and innumerable other elite film and gaming clients. The design skills of this rising comic star are sure to conjure electric and iconic imagery bringing the skyscapes, spacecrafts, characters, creatures, architecture and exoplanets of the Exorians Universe closer to reality than ever before.

Ethernity DAO

At Ethernity, the community is always at the core of our every decision. In February, the community will be more involved in this process with the debut of Ethernity’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization, more commonly referred to as a DAO. For each issue voted upon, a snapshot of wallets attached to Ethernity profiles will be made 24 hours in advance. Anyone meeting the below criteria will be able to vote on issues involving Ethernity and relevant Ethernal Labs projects.

  • 10 ERN in their wallet, or
  • 10 ERN in Fixed Staking, or
  • 10 ERN in Stone Farming, or
  • 1 LP token staked, or
  • 1 Ethernity NFT, or
  • 1 Genesis Satoshi NFT

If a user does not meet the minimum requirements, that individual will be ineligible to participate. In this case, the DAO section on will be visible, but the buttons to cast the vote will be disabled.

For eligible DAO participants, each individual’s vote will be weighed equally, and participants will only be able to vote once on each issue. Once a vote is cast, it is considered final, and the live results will be immediately displayed on the DAO page once the vote is submitted.

Ethernity Mobile App

Ethernity’s mobile app is currently close to completion. The builder’s market has afforded our development team more time to perfect its features, and a beta version will be available for limited testing in the spring of 2023. Ethernity community members interested in participating in the first rounds of testing should keep checking in on the Ethernity Discord, where mods will organize the initial groups of core Ethernity members to contribute to a smooth launch of our long anticipated app.

Ethernity drops are set to resume with the release of the Exorians comics and the launch of our mobile app. The Ethernity team has been busy behind the scenes, putting all their rocket fuel into crafting out-of-this-world products that will take your breath away. And the best part? Ethernity is in talks with some major players about partnerships that will elevate our journey to the next level.

Other Upcoming Ethernal Labs Verticals

Ethernal Labs has focused largely on its quickly expanding gaming division, but other verticals that have been previously announced are still in the works. Eyecandy, a marketplace for bluechip digital artists, and Fanable, a socially-oriented place for sports fans and digital sports collectable enthusiasts, are both still on the horizon, but are now on hold to ensure that once they resume, they receive the full attention that they deserve, and are not overshadowed by other areas currently undergoing an intensive build out.

With every move Ethernal Labs makes, quality and follow-though are the highest priority. The Exorians Universe build out and Mobile App launch are presently the areas of fastest growth within the multimedia studio, which will expand its focus to accommodate more verticals, new partnerships, and projects with greater scope as time progresses.

We are committed to keeping our community informed and engaged as we work towards our goal of creating innovative and engaging experiences. We will continue to provide updates on the status of Eyecandy and Fanable, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to bring you the best products possible.



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