Ethernity Community Update | Q3 2022

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3 min readSep 30, 2022


The ‘Builder’s Market’ has presented the Ethernity team with the opportunity to continue expanding our ecosystem by securing new business, accelerating product development, powering Ethernal Labs projects, and increasing user acquisition.

We are beyond excited with the progress we have made throughout this quarter, and we are gearing up to launch some of our most ambitious projects yet during 2023.

Below are some of the developments we have launched in the past quarter and a look at what is yet to come:


In September, Ethernity announced its strategic partnership with fellow web3 innovators, Metakey, deepening Ethernity’s brand engagement with the metaverse and expanding our future cross-chain offerings. Through this partnership, Metakey will activate Ethernity’s NFT collections in entirely new and exciting ways. The Metakey team also built a next-gen Ethernity HQ in the heart of Decentraland, allowing the Ethernity and Metakey communities to hang out, interact with each other, and view Ethernity’s authenticated NFTs in a digital gallery.

The Ethernity HQ will allow us to introduce our library of licenses into the metaverse through event-driven virtual experiences and explore what it means to party, play, and socialize in an entirely virtual environment. This new step to build and expand upon the utility of NFTs is only the beginning. The Ethernity team will continue collaborating with Metakey to develop community-driven, interactive experiences for future partnerships and collections.

The Exorians Universe

Throughout Q3, the Exorians Universe has continued to be a primary focus for the Ethernity team and our partner, Ethernal Labs. Currently, teams of artists, designers, and developers are perfecting the complex artwork and hammering out the infrastructure around the ever-growing Exorians franchise.

We have continued to expand the Exorians Universe further with developments in the upcoming AAA game and lore through multiple partnerships, providing the Exorians community with utility and benefits.

Throughout the coming months, we will share some of the developments we have tirelessly worked on and announce the new rollout plan for the entire Exorians Universe.


Our developers have worked hard to create an Ethernity Decentralized Autonomous Organization, the Ethernity DAO, which is anticipated to be released in Q4 2022.

Staying true to our ethos of decentralization and our emphasis on community participation, the Ethernity team will proudly open some critical decision-making to every stakeholder who desires to participate in the DAO voting process.

The criteria to join the DAO are designed to incorporate as many participants in the Ethernity ecosystem as reasonably possible. To join the DAO and have voting privileges, community members must meet one of the following criteria:

  • 10 ERN in a wallet connected to their Ethernity account
  • 1 Ethernity NFT in a wallet connected to their Ethernity account
  • 10 ERN staked in Fixed Staking
  • 10 ERN staked in Stone Farming
  • 1 LP Token Staked

The first proposal on which DAO participants will be able to cast votes relates to Stones Farming on the Polygon chain. In the coming weeks, we will release more information on this throughout our social and community channels.

Mobile App Marketplace

Through its partnership with Ethernal Labs, the Ethernity development team continues to power the development of this game-changing mobile app, which is in its final stage of development and is expected to launch in Q4 2022. The app aims to bring digital collectibles and NFTs to the masses in the simplest user experience for all — by offering buyers the ability to mint their collectibles as NFTs or store them as digital collectibles.

In the coming weeks, we will welcome certain members from the Ethernity community to test the mobile app and provide feedback before launch.

This community update only presents a fraction of what the team has been working on, and we’re beyond excited to share more developments and announcements.

Stay tuned to our social media and community channels for more updates. We’re sure you won’t want to miss them!

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