Ethernity is proud to provide a general sales report from our first month of aNFT (“authenticated NFT) drops. Total sales: $2,493,771 with 2.5% of the total going to charity. Today, Ethernity is announcing we will be performing an ERN buyback as promised upon launch.


The Ethernity team is hard at work ready to launch a large amount of licensed IPs in upcoming aNFT drops and multipacks. This widely distributed team including crypto natives and advisors teamed up with leading figures in the fields of sports, arts, entertainment, music, movies, gaming, tech, collectibles and more to forge an authenticated, licensed, rights-driven aNFT platform and marketplace producing highly curated quality aNFT collections to drive long term value.

The first community drop rewarded early ERN adopters with an aNFT from the acclaimed digital artist Boss Logic. Then, we opened our marketplace with a statement piece celebrating creators with the Welcome to the Internet aNFT by Jason Heuser. Next, we launched our first real-world collectible; the Fernando Tatis Jr. bat. This past week we released the legendary Muhammad Ali series honoring history while looking towards the future. This next quarter will see legendary figures, present icons, and future stars mint exclusive aNFTs with Ethernity. And, get ready for some major surprises as we continue to innovate what NFTs can be and what the industry can become both culturally and technologically while rewarding its community members and users.


Speaking of, Ethernity previously announced that we will be locking 75% of all profits into our ERN vault. How? We will be buying back the ERN token from the circulating supply and locking it for 2 years. And, we’re proud to announce that officially begins today. We’ll be providing the wallet details to make the process as transparent as possible and our community will be able to track its holdings. It’s a true testament to the open source and transparent nature of blockchain and a commitment to our community.



Total Sales: 525.556 ETH / $946,000

Ethernity Profits: 35% / $331,100

2.5% to Oxygen Seven Reforestation

NFTs reserved for Stone holders & ePacks : 500

Drop #1: Welcome to the Internet — Jason Heuser

Total Sales: 20,194 ERN / $605,820.00

Ethernity Profit: 20% / $121,164

2.5% to Global Wildlife Conservation

NFTs reserved for Stone holders & ePacks : TBA

Drop #2: Fernando Tatis Jr.-Impossible Brief

Total Sales: $382,566

Ethernity Profit: 10% / $38,256

2.5% Binance Charitable Foundation

NFTs reserved for Stone holders & ePacks : TBA

Drop #3: Muhammad Ali-Raf Grasseti

Total Sales: $559,385

Ethernity Profit: 10% Ethernity / $55,938

2.5% to Muhammad Ali Foundation

NFTs reserved for Stone holders & ePacks : TBA

TOTAL SALES: $2,493,771


ERN BUYBACK (75%): $409,843 in ERN 🏦



*There has not been a buyback yet, we will announce the exact start of the buyback on our Ethernity Twitter. Any such announcements claiming to have done so are false.” 🏦


It’s official — 75% of all profits from aNFT sales will be buying ERN and locked for 2 years. So, what’s next? With that firm commitment to our long-term vision intact, Ethernity will now be focusing on rolling out many of our planned innovative product offerings — like “multipacks,” AR unlockables, and virtual world integrations. Even more important, we’ll be rewarding our “Stones” holders with a robust program at the end of the month — providing exclusive access to “Stones” holders to aNFTs retail buyers cannot. And more. Stay tuned to see what’s next in store for Ethernity.

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Ethernity Chain is a community-oriented platform that produces limited edition authenticated NFTs by your favorite artists and endorsed by those who you admire.

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Ethernity Chain

Ethernity Chain

Ethernity Chain is a community-oriented platform that produces limited edition authenticated NFTs by your favorite artists and endorsed by those who you admire.

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