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4 min readMar 25, 2021


We know you have all been excited to put your ERN tokens to work in the great NFT fields of Ethernity and we’re just as excited to launch the beta phase of our Ethernity STONES farming events.

This beta phase will allow ERN holders to stake ERN tokens and farm STONES for the very first time! Users who farm STONES during this period will be the first farmers to redeem STONES for an Ethernity NFT, with the 500 Bosslogic NFTs reserved for Ethernity STONES farmers during our Bosslogic NFT drop up for grabs during this beta phase.

This beta will form the basis for all future NFT farming events. Each Ethernity NFT drop will reserve a certain amount of NFTs for Ethernity STONES farmers, and the ratio of STONES required to redeem specific NFTs will be based on the market rate a particular NFT has been auctioned for.

  • Ethernity STONES Beta Farming will begin on March 24th at 6:15am UTC

The 500 Base Shadowless Bossologic NFTs

  • Bosslogic NFT redemption will begin around the end of April at 8pm UTC*
  • Bosslogic NFT redemption will end early May at 8pm UTC*
  • Bosslogic NFTs can be redeemed during this time period on
  • 1 ERN will earn 1000 STONES every 24 hours.
  • YOU can only farm ERN in whole numbers. You cannot farm Decimals of ERN.
  • Each Bosslogic NFT will require 556,000 STONES for redemption.
  • Only 1 Bosslogic NFT can be redeemed per address.
  • Farmed STONES that are not used to redeem Bosslogic NFTs will be carried over into the next NFT redemption period.
  • Redeeming NFTs is FCFS.

⚠️ If you signed up for the Bosslogic failed transaction STONES drop. Please be sure to use the same email when you sign up on the Ethernity platform. ⚠️


What are STONES? 💎

STONES are a farmable platform asset used to redeem curated NFTs from the Ethernity Chain collection.

How do I get Ethernity STONES? 💎

FIRST, you need to sign up for an Ethernity account by clicking on the Signup button. This will be your Ethernity account not only for farming but also for future features, i.e. buying, bidding, and voting in the Ethernity marketplace.

STONES can only be earned by using ERN tokens to farm STONES.

You can farm STONES using ERN tokens by connecting your Metamask wallet that holds your ERN tokens to our website and clicking on the “Farm Stones” button after logging in.

The first time you FARM, there will be an APPROVAL process to give permission to send your ERN to the farming contract. This step only needs to be done once — and you will approve via Metamask.

⚠️ALWAYS remember to EDIT the transaction and select the fastest setting, otherwise, there is a chance that the transaction may time out and will due to the Ethereum congested network and you will lose GAS fees.⚠️

We are proactively looking for a L2 solution and we are very close to a partnership.

After APPROVING you will be ready to FARM. Enter the amount of ERN you want to farm, and then click on FARM. You will need to sign the transaction and again EDIT the transaction and choose the fastest setting

🦊 Metamask is the only wallet that can be used to farm STONES. 🦊


Where does my farmed ERN go?

Your ERN is safe in an Ethernity’s farming contract at the following address:

0xC2A2f4acdCef1127cc191e6bD3cC6d3aab4e2C49, PLEASE do not interact with the contract directly — use the website function to farm.

How is STONES yield calculated?

For each ERN token locked into the farming contract, you will earn 1000 STONES per 24 hours. STONES are calculated by the second — for every second you farm 1 ERN, you get 0.011574074 STONES — by the time 24 hours pass by, you will get 1,000 STONES per ERN farmed.

If you unfarm all your ERN then you will stop earning STONES. If you unfarm only part of the ERN, you will continue earning STONES from the ERN that are being still farmed.

Do you have to deposit all of your ERN at once?

You can choose how many ERN tokens you would like to deposit to earn STONES yield.

Where are STONES held?

STONES are held in the farming contract (0xC2A2f4acdCef1127cc191e6bD3cC6d3aab4e2C49) and locked into the address you use to farm STONES.

You cannot withdraw STONES to another wallet, STONES are non-transferable, have no monetary value and you cannot redeem STONES for ETH or ERN.

STONES are redeemable for curated and specific NFTs on the Ethernity Chain platform only.

What is Ethernity Chain?

Ethernity is the groundbreaking authenticated NFT project which auctions verified artwork featuring the top artists and stars from music, film, sports, and entertainment. Each of these digital artworks is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT). The pieces feature well-known public figures and a portion of all funds raised from the endeavor will be donated to charitable causes.

Ethernity Chain combines the utility of DeFi and merges it with NFTs to create an exclusive pipeline to rare, collectible content from notable figures and well-established digital artists.

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