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Ethernity community members who have staked their ERN tokens in the 360-day Fixed Staking pool for the full duration will be able to unstake their tokens and claim an authenticated Ethernity NFT as a reward starting on January 9, 2023. ERN locked in this contract earns 18.5 percent interest, and in addition those who have completed the full 360 days will now be able to get an authenticated Ethernity NFT as a bonus thank-you for investing in the ERN ecosystem.

How to Claim

In order to activate this reward:

  1. Login to your Ethernity profile
  2. Go to the drop-down menu and select DeFi, and then select Fixed Staking.
  3. Click the Locked tab, and then select Claim to unstake your ERN from the Fixed Staking pool.
  4. Confirm the transaction through the Metamask pop-up
  5. Within 24 hours your NFT will appear in your profile
  6. Claim it at any time! 👉Please note that you will need a bit of ETH or MATIC to cover the gas fees in order to claim your new NFT!

What NFT Reward Will I Receive?

There are 11 groups of Fixed Staking ERN holders, based on the amount of ERN staked in a single transaction. For example, if you staked 10,000 ERN in a single transaction you will receive an NFT from group 2. Alternately, if you staked ERN in three different transactions of 5,000, 4,000 and 1,000 ERN you will receive three NFTs: a group 3 NFT, a group 4 NFT, and a group 5 NFT.

ERN Staked — Group Ranges:

  1. > 20,000
  2. 10,000–19,999.99
  3. 5,000–9,999.99
  4. 2,500–4,999.99
  5. 1,000–2,499.99
  6. 500–999.99
  7. 250–499.99
  8. 100–249.99
  9. 50–99.99
  10. 10–49.99
  11. 0.01–9.99

Based on the group number under which your ERN stake falls, you will receive a randomly assigned NFT from the respective group. For some group numbers, all Ethernity community members in that group will all receive the same NFT, for other groups, one randomly selected NFT from a few possible options will appear in their profile!

Group Numbers and Corresponding NFT Reward

Group 1:

Fernando Tatis Jr: El Niño NFT with physical unlockable: One embossed baseball bat including Fernando Tatis Jr’s signature, jersey number, and logo!

Group 2:

One of the following NFTs:

Dak Prescott: The D4KATRON Football

Shaquille O’Neal: Champion IV

Pele: Pele 10

Tony Hawk: Downward Spiral

Group 3:

One of the following NFTs:

Dak Prescott & Zeke Elliott: the JOURNi

Associated Press & Transhumanism: Mind / CPU

Group 4:

One of the following NFTs:

Fernando Tatis Jr: The Bat Flip

Nicky Romero: Tier 2 Behind the Mask Silver

Luka Modric: Median

Group 5:

One of the following NFTs:

DeLorean x Riocam #2

Argentina: Official 2021 Team Jersey

The Winklevoss Twins: Legendary

Fernando Tatis Jr: Liftoff

Phil Ivey: Queen Card

Dan Marino: Dan the Man

Anderson Silva: Legendary

Nas: The World is Yours

Nas: N.Y. State of Mind

DeLorean Gullwing Open

James Dean: Hollywood Star

Dak Prescott: Legendary

Nas: Life’s a Bitch

Dak Prescott & Zeke Elliott: Wearable Shoulder Pads

Nas: Memory Lane

Heavy Metal: No Home To Go To

Group 6:

One of the following NFTs:

Zeke Elliott: Legendary

DeLorean: Into the Metaverse

Luka Modric: Metaverse Wearable Croatia Jersey

Luis Suarez: #IRCs21

Dak Prescott: #IRCs21

Phil Ivey: Jack Card

Maluma: Papi Jewels

Fernando Tatis Jr: Exit Velocity

Luis Suarez: Legendary

Armstrong’s Helmet with GPS III SV05 Coin Wrap

James Dean: Gold Medallion

Dan Marino: Legendary

Zeke Elliott: #IRCs21

Shaquille O’Neal: Legend Certified

Nicky Romero: Tier 3 Behind the Mask Red

Alex Ovechkin: A Taste of Victory

Anderson Silva: Epic

Associated Press & Transhumanism: Biology / Code

Group 7:

One of the following NFTs:


GPS III SV05 “ARMSTRONG” Mission Patch

Heavy Metal: Gravestead the Dragonslayer

The Winklevoss Twins: Epic

Argentina: #IRCs21

Dak Prescott: Metaverse Wearable Jersey

Zeke Elliott: Metaverse Wearable Jersey

Phil Ivey: 10 Card

Heavy Metal: Adrienne James Trading Card

Group 8:

One of the following NFTs:

Heavy Metal: Taarna Trading Card

Heavy Metal: Mortermir Trading Card

Heavy Metal: Pon Valdur Trading Card

Luis Suarez: Epic

AFA — Argentina: Stars

GPS Satellite Constellation

Group 9:

One of the following NFTs:

Dan Marino: Common

Zeke Elliott: Common

Dak Prescott: Common

Winklevoss: Common

Maluma: Papi Flow

Shaquille O’Neal: With Authority

Lionel Messi: The Magician

Luis Suarez: Common

Manny Pacquiao: Common

Group 10:

Anderson Silva: Common

Group 11:

One of the following NFTs:

The Dreamer: Swin Cash

The Dreamer: Tamika Catchings

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