FREE CLAIM: The Official Messi 2022 AFA Jersey!

Across the globe, fans of Argentina and Messi are gearing up to watch the formidable Argentinian squad fight for glory in the greatest tournament on Earth. As Messi prepares to lead the Argentina National Soccer Team to victory, we are excited to announce we have teamed up with the Argentine Football Association to offer the Ethernity community an official Messi 2022 AFA Jersey NFT for FREE.

Holders of past Messi and AFA collections will have the exclusive right to own a piece of the World Cup action by claiming the signature ice-white and sky-blue Argentina Jersey adorning Messi’s name and famous number 10.

The claim will begin during the day of Argentina’s first match at the 2022 World Cup on Tuesday, November 22nd at 12 pm EST and the claiming period will be open till Tuesday, December 20th at 12 pm.

All holders of the following NFTs may claim a Messi 2022 AFA Jersey NFT:


To participate in the free claim, you must be holding one of these NFTs in your wallet connected to your account before a snapshot is taken on Saturday, November 19th at 12 pm EST.

Users who have more than one of these NFTs will be able to claim more than one jersey. As a general rule:

- 1 NFT from the above list = 1 free Jersey claim

- 5 NFTs from the above list = 5 free Jersey claims

Users will be able to claim the official Jersey NFT from the “My Profile” section of your profile. Check your profile from Tuesday, November 22nd at 12 pm EST here.

If you do not currently hold any of the previous NFTs, don’t worry! You can purchase one or more of the NFTs on the secondary market and receive the FREE claim. Make sure you do this before Saturday, November 19th at 12 pm EST to ensure you’re part of the snapshot.

Visit the Ethernity marketplace here

About Ethernity:

Ethernity is a community-centric marketplace offering authenticated and licensed digital collectibles, including NFTs, from the top entertainment brands in the world. The Ethernity ecosystem is built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes web3 technology for NFT, metaverse, DeFi, and next-gen consumer products.

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