Transfering your Tokens Cross Chain from Ethereum Network to Matic Network

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  1. In order to Transact on the Matic Network, you will need to send your crypto in your Ethereum Wallet “Cross Chain” from the Ethereum Network to the Matic Network by using a “Bridge”.
  2. Go to to move your funds from Ethereum to Matic Network
  3. Click on “Move Funds to Matic Mainnet” This will take you to the Bridge
  4. Put in the amount of Ethereum (or other token) in the “From” Box. Then Click Transfer.
  5. You will then be prompted with two choices for how to bridge, One is “Plasma” and the other is “POS”. The POS choice is the faster of the two.
  6. You will have to pay ETH gas to transfer your assets from Ethereum to Matic Network.

Buying ERN on QuickSwap

(Matic Network’s Exchange)

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  1. QuickSwap functions similarly to Uniswap, but uses Matic and wMatic as it’s native token for transaction fees. This makes for much cheaper transactions, often costing pennies on the dollar.
  2. Go To — Always Double check the URL is correct
  3. Click “Switch to Matic” in the top right corner and your Metamask will prompt you to switch networks from the Ethereum Network to the Matic Network. If you have any pending transactions on the ETH network, this will cancel them.
  4. Go To the Ethernity Medium “Ethernity and Polygon: Bringing Layer 2 Cross-Chain Functionality to Ethernity Chain” & copy the ERN token address on the Matic Network in the bottom Swap box: 0x0E50BEA95Fe001A370A4F1C220C49AEdCB982DeC
  5. Select ERN
  6. Click “Approve” to allow Quickswap to use your crypto.
  7. Click “Swap” to complete the transaction

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