Introducing the Ethernity Chain Liquidity Rewards Program

  • You must provide liquidity to the ERN/ETH Uniswap V2 Pool here: . On this page, you will need to select the amount of ERN and ETH you would like to supply to the Uniswap LP and then click the Add Liquidity button.
  • Uniswap will automatically issue ERN-ETH-LP-UNI-V2 tokens. These LP tokens represent your proportional share of ETH and ERN within the Uniswap pool.
  • After following the above steps, visit click the Connect Wallet button, and select the Ethereum address that holds your ERN-ETH-LP-UNI-V2 tokens in Metamask. You will see how many tokens you have available to lock, and Click the Lock LP Tokens button to lock to the Liquidity Reward Program contract.
  • Locked LP tokens can be unstaked immediately at any point in time by clicking the Unlock LP Tokens button and rewards can be claimed by clicking the Claim ERN button.
  • Each day for 30 days ~1,666.66 ERN will be proportionally rewarded to all Liquidity Program participants based on the amount of LP tokens they lock divided by the total LP tokens locked into the Uniswap Liquidity Reward Program.
  • It is recommended that you use the MetaMask wallet and the latest Chrome browser to interact with
  • All Uniswap trading fees (0.3% per trade) are automatically distributed to Uniswap ERN-ETH liquidity providers, which is standard on any Unswap liquidity pool and for any Uniswap liquidity provider. Participating in the Ethernity Chain Liquidity Rewards Program does not impact your basic yield for providing liquidity on Uniswap.
  • ERN rewards are distributed proportionally based on the LP tokens held by any one individual divided by the total of all LP tokens locked by other Ethernity Chain Liquidity Rewards Program participants.
  • Rewards can be harvested every block.
  • LP Tokens can be unstaked at any point in time. You will need to unstake your LP tokens from before being able to remove liquidity from Uniswap.

Addresses for earning LP rewards

👉 Ethernity Chain Links:



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