The Legendary 1/1 was sold for $162k

Jason Heuser x Ethernity Welcome to the Internet DROP RECAP


Ethernity Chain collaborated with original meme creator Jason Heuser for our first official platform drop on April 12th, 2021. Creator Jason Heuser is an artist with a love for history, all things internet, and creating memetastic content. He has worked in the video game industry for over 7 years with a focus on creative illustration, marketing, and packaging design. His legendary “Welcome to the Internet” was licensed and credited as part of Ethernity’s first launch.


  • 1/1 Welcome to the Internet 3D Legendary Edition — Auction & ‘Infinite Objects’ Digital Screen — Reserve Price $35,000 — (*1000 ERN) — SOLD OUT for $162,000k (5100 ERN) to user @TREX, who will be receiving a unique 1/1 Infinite Objects Digital Screen. (22 bids)
  • 69/69 Welcome to the Internet 3D Limited Super Editions — Silent Auction Minimum Bid $3,500 — (*100 ERN) — 32 sold for 5432 ERN ($173,824)
  • 370/420 Welcome to the Internet 2012 Original — Buy It Now — Price $875 (*25 ERN)- 281 sold for 7025 ERN ($224,800).
  • 1/1 Easter Egg NFT “Justice for Gustav” — Silent Auction-Reserve Price 1$ (0.02 ERN* Yes you read that right 🐱) — SOLD OUT to the user @chickenadobo for 300 ERN ($9,600) — 51 bids
  • The community was unable to purchase 37 of the Limited Super Editions+ 89 of the 2012 Originals due to immense traffic to buy the NFTs upon marketplace launch. We will be making them available for 12 more hours today. Anything left will be included on the Ethernity Packs that will take place in the future.
  • 50 Original 2012 Editions will be made available to STONE holders at our farming event by the end of the month. (FCFS)
  • 10% of every resale will be going back to Jason Heuser forever.


  • 69/69 Welcome to the Internet 3D Limited Super Editions — Silent Auction 37 will remain up for auction for 12 hours starting at 8pm PT on 4/13.
  • 370/420 Welcome to the Internet 2012 Original — Buy It Now: 89 will remain for sale for 12 hours starting at 8pm PT on 4/13.


Some Ethernity Users had issues with the platform due to our Google Cloud platform’s database crash. The database received over 100,000 requests per second, using 97% of its CPU capacity. Our Dev Team worked closely with Google, but our Dev Team reset the site and scaled up our server capacity. Luckily we were able to prevent users from wasting gas fees on useless transactions. We knew there would be technical hurdles given our first community drop on Open Sea which caused massive server issues — but this time it was not a fellow NFT platform, but rather the Google Cloud database. We continue to respond to these problems, and are in process of optimizing the site for upcoming launches.


Out of the 17,857 ERN generated, 3732 will get locked up in our reserves smart contract for 2 years, which is 15% of the total sales. Originally we planned to lock up 75% of our revenue in our ERN reserves from NFT sales. However, given the website issues poised to users, we are removing 100% of profits and locking them into reserves — a further testament to our focus and appreciation of our community.


We at Ethernity have from our founding committed to distributing portions of all NFT sales to non-profit causes, and specifically:

Donating 5% of all sales to organizations working to offset carbon emissions 🌲

Today we are donating:

892.85 ERN — 5% to Global Wildlife Conservation (