March 29th Community Update

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2 min readMar 29, 2024

Let’s talk about real world assets…

As the world continues to embrace the blockchain, and the technology continues to develop, our aim is to remain at the forefront of this ever-evolving industry.

One of the pillars of the Ethernal Labs ecosystem is Real World Assets (RWA). The benefits that the tokenization of physical assets brings to our industry will be felt by the masses over the coming years.

And that’s where Fanable comes in.

The collectibles industry is estimated to be $458.2 billion, and is expected to cross $1 trillion mark by 2033 — yes, that’s trillion with a “T”.

And we see the evidence pointing toward the continued growth of this industry with record-breaking sales such as the one just recently established by Action Comics #1, which has already surpassed the $5 million mark and many are predicting will surpass the $7 million threshold when the auction ends in five days.

Other examples include a vintage Super Mario Bros. video game which sold for $2 million, breaking the record for the most expensive video game sale. And we believe new records will continue to be established in this segment.

And while the industry continues to grow, we also recognize the inefficiencies that make collecting physical both time-consuming and unnecessarily expensive. With tokenization, the need for shipping items every time they’re traded is eliminated. Tokenization frees up RWAs from physical constraints.

Tokenization introduces unparalleled transparency of sales data that collectors desperately yearn for, but can finally be made accessible with the RWA revolution. There are many other RWA innovations that can only be made possible via the use of blockchain technology.

Soon, you’ll be able to purchase that sealed copy of Super Mario Bros you’ve always wanted with access to never-before-seen data that only the blockchain can provide.

Fanable is positioning itself to disrupt the massive collectibles industry and we want you to tagalong with us.

Buying physical assets doesn’t need to get physical. Let Fanable tokenize your fandom and add value to your collecting journey.

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Oh, and we have a fun announcement pertaining to Fanable next week…so stay tuned!



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