Meet the Ethernity Team: Noa Nowling

We want you to get to know us here at Ethernity!

Meet the whole team with our new, regular series where we talk with one of our amazing individuals and share it with the community. Earlier, our operation associate, Noa Nowling gave us an interview where she let us know a little more about herself, like how she has two cats named Loki and Milo.

Read on to learn all about Noa and what she does at Ethernity!

My name : Noa Nowling

Location : Los Angeles, USA

1. What is your position/role at Ethernity?

Hello! My name is Noa and my position with Ethernity is working as an Operations Associate as well as being our CEO’s Assistant.

2. What has been your favorite NFT collection released on Ethernity?

My favorite Ethernity NFT’s as of yet is the Marilyn Monroe Metamorphosis collection. Celebrating her birthday by immortalizing her on the blockchain gave us a muse for eternity.

3. If you could magically implement one piece of blockchain utility in your everyday life, what would it be?

I wish user interfaces were easier on blockchain. It’s still a blocker when it comes to mass adoption of blockchain. As bigger companies onboard more users I hope dev teams can make UI more consumer friendly. 💻

4. What person inspires you, either a personal connection or a famous figure?

I would say the person that inspires me the most is my partner, Mitchell. His constant support has inspired me to truly believe in myself and my capabilities. Years ago he told me to “Trust the process” and that has taught me patience, compassion and understanding through adversity.

5. If you could magically see one piece of blockchain utility transform our society, what would it be?

Decentralized governance and corporate financial transparency.

6. How would you describe working for Ethernity?

Working for Ethernity is like hanging on to a rocket that’s shooting into space. The possibilities are endless! 🚀🌛

7. What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal is a vegan bowl with avocado, black beans and vegetables.

8. What fictional character has a personality that matches yours?

Luna Lovegood 🪄

9. Can you describe what makes you passionate about Crypto/NFTs in one sentence?

Endless possibilities paired with transparency.

10. What 3 items would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

Sunscreen, books by Dolores Cannon and a telescope. 🧴📖🔭



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