The first ever Ethernity Mystery Drop is coming, April 23rd

Ethernity Chain
2 min readApr 13, 2022


A surprise every time.

We’re opening the Ethernity Vault, on Saturday, April 23rd, with a new mysterious way to purchase NFTs. The collection will consist of a series of Mystery Boxes that contain artworks and collectibles from your favorite athletes, musicians, iconic brands, and upcoming projects.

Hiding in the depths of each Mystery Box is a never before seen Ethernity NFT, or a rare artwork from a past collection, or a highly sought after Exorians mint pass, waiting for you to reveal them.

Across three tiers, common, epic, and legendary, you will have the opportunity to receive artwork from the world’s greatest athletes, musicians and brands. With each tier increase, your chances of receiving a valuable Ethernity artwork, or a rare Exorians mint pass, or an exciting soon to be revealed collectible.

The collection will go live on Saturday, April 23rd at 12 pm EST, with 700 Mystery Boxes in total going on sale across all three tiers.

​​About Ethernity

Ethernity is the groundbreaking authenticated NFT project that produces verified artwork featuring the top artists and stars from sports, music, film, gaming, tech, history, and entertainment. Each digital artwork is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT). The pieces feature well-known public figures, rights, licenses, and IPs.

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Ethernity Chain is a community-oriented platform that produces limited edition authenticated NFTs by your favorite artists and endorsed by those who you admire.