The GOAT is Back — Lionel Messi returns to Ethernity!

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3 min readNov 15, 2022

Join Messi in celebrating his international football career with an NFT experience on the Ethernity Marketplace.

In celebration of his momentous career in world football, globally-renowned soccer player Lionel Messi is launching his next-gen NFT and digital collectible experience on the Ethernity platform.

The commemorative collection will be available on November 27th, at 12pm ET.

Fans of Messi can look forward to a groundbreaking NFT experience that celebrates his innumerable achievements across his international career. The NFT experience will consist of a digital artwork by leading artist Victor Mosquera and five digital collectibles of Messi celebrating each of his appearances in global tournaments across his incredible international career for Argentina.

From November 27th, fans of Messi will be able to purchase a limited edition collectible commemorating his first appearance in world football in the Summer of 2006, which will act as an access token to a next-gen NFT experience. Throughout this experience, holders will have the chance to claim up to an additional 4 rare collectibles representing Messi’s international appearances for Argentina in the Summer of 2010, Summer of 2014, Summer of 2018, and Winter of 2022 through a series of raffles for free. Each raffle will allow 50% of holders to claim a digital collectible commemorating his next global tournament appearance with the final raffle granting 10 lucky holders the opportunity to claim an ultra-rare digital collectible representing Messi’s 2022 global tournament appearance for free.

“I am happy to kick off my next NFT collection in partnership with Ethernal Labs,” says Messi. “I look forward to joining my fans in celebrating my career with my National Team with this NFT experience on the marketplace.”

The football star first collaborated with the Ethernity platform in August 2021 to create ‘The Messiverse’ collection, which celebrated his historic career and crowning achievements, including his first 6 Ballon d’Or awards. The collection grossed over USD 3 million and remains Ethernity’s most popular collection.

“Partnering with notable figures like Leo Messi is the backbone of Ethernal Labs,” said Ethernal Labs and Ethernity CEO and Founder Nick Rose Ntertsas. “As our team continues to seek opportunities to create incredible digital collectibles commemorating the world’s biggest events with the most celebrated figures in today’s culture. We are looking forward to releasing this next-generation NFT experience for the football community and fans of the player to enjoy.”

The digital collectibles within this NFT experience will be available to purchase with Ethernity’s native token ERN, for 7 days from November 27th and as part of the partnership, Messi will receive a portion of his payment in ERN.

To keep up to date with all the upcoming news and for the change to win 1 of 10 digital collectibles, join the waitlist at

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