The Rare Leo Messi “Man of the Past” NFT

The “Messiverse’’ is here- Saturday — 12pm EST

This Ethernity drop lies beyond the scope of a single series, set piece, or footballer. Rather, it’s deserving of its own term, its own word, as big as the legend of Lionel Messi himself: “The Messiverse.”

Four pieces comprise the drop and portray the soccer superstar in an other-worldly orbit, in AI-driven bionic form both in the future and the past (information below), the “King” of creative soccer stardom, and a yet to be revealed piece commemorating his historic Copa America win.

About the Special Drop:

Buyers will immediately spot the highly attractive and timely NFT “Man From Tomorrow,” portraying the legendary Lionel Messi in his brand new #30 jersey. The Ethernity team worked in step with the headlining artist BossLogic to pull off this herculean late breaking development and craft this new piece from the long planned and originally slated piece with Messi seen wearing this customary #10 kit.

For months the Ethernity team and the artist were hard at work designing this collection. But as fate would have it, we went to the drawing board to meet the timeliness of the occasion and update the series to include not just one, but two pieces.

What does this mean for buyers of the “Man From Tomorrow”?

Buyers of 75 of 75 NFT will also receive the special, originally planned piece of Messi in his long-assigned #10. Buyers will be able to claim the added NFT upon purchase of the offered NFT wearing the #30. The now dubbed “Man of the Past” WILL NOT be available for purchase. Only buyers of “Man From Tomorrow” will be able to claim the NFT upon completion of the drop. The Ethernity team will notify buyers at drop’s end how to claim the piece.

NFT 2:

TITLE: Lionel Messi: “Man From Tomorrow” & “Man Of The Past”

[by BossLogic]

Price: $10,000 in ERN on MAINNET

Available: 75 of 75

BUY IT NOW / Duration: 72 Hours


It was the end of an era — and the start of a new one. Messi’s late-breaking move to a new team took the world by surprise and the fans by storm. Ethernity cements his legacy in one historic surprise offering. Buyers of ‘Man From Tomorrow’ get the world’s first collectible with the legendary Lionel Messi in his new Number 30 with the Artist envisioning a soccer star of tomorrow in AI bionic form. From the Artist: “We have followed his past, we are with him in the present and I’m certain when the world is mimicked by AI we will see him in the cyber football leagues of tomorrow.”

This look at the future of football brings with it a surprise additional NFT that only buyers of this rarified piece can claim. The fast paced nature of international football took hold with Ethernity being able to produce this epic pair in time for release, and just in time for collectors to claim. Owners of this special edition will unlock this one-of-a-kind NFT following the drop.

Buyers of this NFT will be entered into a Raffle to win a Signed Messi Jersey.

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