Tony Hawk Tuck-Knee First-Sale Buyers Raffle

The first buyers of the 20 Tuck-knee were eligible to enter in a raffle for a Tony Hawk signed skateboard.

As a blockchain company, the raffle was of course executed with a smart contract on the Ethereum network.

The contract is pretty simple and leverages Chainlink’s VRF to randomly select a winner. The contract code is verified and can be read here. The seed for the randomizer function was also chosen with a python random call:

Execution information:

  • Contract creation* from NFT deployer wallet: 0x044c86422fe913b99b03c9d4b9d2f4863e6dff36d43877aede919cbf18eae12a
  • Adding Tuck-Knee first sale wallets: 0x39888e03d43bd081db4e28a958086dad3e8a58dfdf1848b0906fb0f53a9f259b
  • Generating random index: 0xbe6b370680be6b83916684192bb71392f8a155d18585e97d0675c12e5f7cefd6

*There were 2 prior deployments that failed, first one was a code issue, second one we had issues calling the random function

And the winner is …….

User Name: SpartyParty1522

Wallet address: 0xd0bea4159cf6466472eb1271908358943328112e

The result is located in this Etherscan page under the “winner” method.

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